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Friday, August 12, 2011


The Admiralty building is the former headquarters of the Admiralty Board. In the beginning it was also a shipyard.
Short history of the Admiralty.
Story of the building.
A deeper history.
Panorama picture of The Admiralty.
One more panorama picture.

Alexander Nevsky Monastery

A short history.
An introduction to Saint Alexander Nevsky Lavra.
More history of the ensemble.
A deeper history of the monastery.
History of the Holy Trinity Cathedral.
A picture of the monastery.
Second photo.
Third view.


Introduction to the Foundry Yard, Liteiny Dvor.
Arsenals in Russia.
An old engraving.

Assignation Bank

Introduction to the Assignation Bank.
History of the building.
An article about first bank buildings in Russia
Wikipedia on State University of Economics and Finance.

Bronze Horseman

History of the statue.
English translation of Pushkin's poem, Bronze Horseman.
Panorama picture of the horseman.

Church of the Savoir on Spilled Blood

Introduction to the church.
Short history and collection of pictures.
A panorama picture of Church on Spilled Blood.
One more panorama.

Citadel, Peter and Paul Fortress

An introduction to the sight.
Story of the fortress.
History and sights of Peter and Paul Fortress.
Information about the Museum of the History of St. Peterburg.
Panorama picture of the attraction.

City hall

No information available for this building.

Imperial Academy of Arts

History of the Imperial Academy of Arts.
Pages of the academy.
Picture of the building.
Webcam view in the lower part of the page.

Imperial Military Medical Academy

History of the Army Medical Academy.
Picture of the academy.
Another old photo.
A more recent picture.

Kazan Cathedral

History of the the Kazan Cathedral.
Panorama picture of the cathedral.
On more panorama picture.
Webcam view in the lower part of the page.


The history of the fortress.
Sights and pictures of Kronstadt.
A map of the town.
Pages of the exhibition 300 years of founding with links to historical pictures and maps.
Painting by Ivan Aivazovsky The Great Roads at Kronstadt on pages.

Maps of Sankt-Peterburg

Map of Petropolis 1744

Map of S.Petersburg

Map of St. Petersburg 1844

Map of Sankt-Peterburg and surrounding areas

National Library of Russia

History of the library.
More about the building.
Picture of the facility.

Old Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange, Bourse

Story of the old stock exchange, Bourse.
Panorama picture of the old stock exchange.
One more panorama.
Webcam view in the lower part of the page.


Introduction of the Peterhof Palace.
Travel information about the ensemble.
Peterhofs own pages.
Picture of the palace.
One more photo.
Panorama picture.
Second panorama.
Third view.

Saint Isaac's Bridge

History of the Saint Isaac's Bridge, the first bridge across Neva.

Saint Isaac's Cathedral

Introduction to the building.
History of Saint Isaac's Cathedral.
One more story of Kazanskii Sobor.
Cathedrals own pages.
Panorama picture of the cathedral.
Webcam view in the lower part of the page.

Saint Michael's Castle, Engineers Castle

History of the castle.
An introduction and pictures.
A photo and story of the building.

Saint Petersburg Imperial Bolshoi Kamenny Theatre

History of the theatre.
Its replacement.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Smolny Institute

First high school for women in Russia, Smolny Institute.
Introduction to the buildings of the convent.
Story of the institute.
About women’s institutes in Russia.
Panorama of the Smolny Cathedral.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Stone Island, Kamenny Ostrov

Introduction of the Stony Island.
Pictures of the island and the palace.